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Welcome to Vegan Futura, the space dedicated to everything vegan. Hi, I am Ashish Vaid, editor, and curator of Vegan Futura. I am a lifelong vegetarian who recently became vegan. I am originally from Mumbai, India and have been living in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. I love cooking! My preferred style is light, nutritious, and healthy meals - California inspired :). I travel for work globally, and I am always looking for innovative restaurants to try that serve delicious, modern vegan food.

I hope to bring city-guides and recipes with an emphasis on modern, Californian, and Indian flavors; I can't wait to share some of these finds and explore the world of vegan cuisine with you on a weekly basis.

Are you ready to enjoy your first California-inspired Indian vegan recipe?

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Lot of you have asked me for technology & tools I use to make this happen. Here is a comprehensive list of platform & tools I use to publish and maintain this blog.

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Blog Courtesy: All layouts on this blog are created solely for, Vegan Futura. I enjoy sharing information and love when others enjoy my ideas enough to post the links on their sites. I simply ask that you credit photos and link back to all original posts.

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