Toronto: Vegan Resturant Guide

Vegan and Vegan-friendly restaurant recommendations in Toronto, Canada

Ashish Vaid
Toronto City Skyline - Vegan restaurants guide and recommendations

Modern, innovative, plant-based vegan. Great bar and service. You cannot go wrong with this place.

Must try: Sweet mess tacos, Cauliflower tots, Watermelon poke, Planta Burger

Cool, modern italian with vegetarian and vegan options.

Must try: Cavolo Nero. This lacinato kale salad with zante currants and pine nunts is amazing!

Another one of my favorites. They have great vegetarian and vegan selections. To top it off, a great bar!

Must try: A Fagiolo, (Vegan) Rigatoni alla Norma

Quick, and easy chain restaurants throughout Toronto core area. Perfect for lunch or a mid-day snack.

Toronto photo credit: Brxxto