Vegan Futura - Everyday Tools

A lot of folks have already emailed me asking about the tech I use to run the site. Also, I cannot help myself but talk tech. So here it is:

CMS & Hosting


Vegan Futura is a static website, i.e., it does not use a traditional CMS like Wordpress. I prefer full control and no DB dependency to run my site. Hugo is a static website generator with ready-to-use cool themes. It is fully customizable, and I love its speed and flexibility.


Netifly is my hosting provider. They provide integration with Gitlab, support for production and lower environment deployments, TLS w/ Let’s Encrypt Certificate, CDN, etc. etc. Fantastic provider!

Let’s Encrypt

Free SSL Certificate. Need I say more?!

Facebook Comments

A lot of bloggers use Disqus, it is a good platform especially for advanced users. I found Facebook’s offering perfect for my use with most of my user base already using the platform in some fashion.


Gitlab for code and content safe keeping. Important stuff!

Software & Tools

Affinity Photo for Mac

Fantastic photo editing software with pro-level features on a budget! Compatible with Photoshop files. Supports layers and ships with tons of pre-configured adjustment layers.


I write all posts and recipes as Markdown. Atom provides simple-to-use, yet powerful text editor for all my text editing needs.


Google Analytics

Industry standard. It is a great start to get insights into your site use and users. And it is free!

Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics complements Google Analytics. Heap provides a detailed snapshot and behavior analysis by the user across sessions.

Newsletter and Notifications


I use it to manage email lists and to send out newsletters and updates. Easy-to-use and it also comes with a good set of beautifully designed templates to get started.



Many thanks to Héctor Martínez, Roychan Kruawan for sharing their work.